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Spray Diagnostics   &   Advanced Imaging


Adrian Roth

Ph.D. student


+46 46 222 1422


Adrian started his Ph.D. project in May 2018. His main research topic involves using structured illuminated imaging of sprays together with advanced image analysis. The methods he is developing will allow to extract encoded image information such as 3D liquid surfaces. Such 3D reconstruction of liquid structures will allow to better understand the dynamic of liquid breakups and how sprays are formed.


The project he is involved in is funded by the Swedish Research Council under number 2016-03894 and entitled: "Analysis of primary and secondary spray breakups using Laser Sheet Fluorescence Microscopic imaging”.


Adrian received in 2018 his M.Sc. degree in Engineering Physics at Lund University with a specialization on Image and Computer Graphics. The title of his master project was "Image analysis to estimate the fractal dimension of soot aggregates".