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Fringe Projection - Laser Induced Fluorescence (FP-LIF)

3D reconstruction of liquid surfaces

This technique is used for snapshot 3D imaging of liquid structure surfaces. As the name suggests it uses a fringe projection structured illumination that encodes information of the 3D structure in an image recorded at an angle to the incident light. From a single camera and a single image liquid structure surfaces can be reconstructed in 3D. Below two example results are shown where the first is a static pending drop and the second is a more turbulent liquid sheet structure.


Click on the titles of the reconstruction above  to view in full screen or on the green arrows to download the data.


To perform the FP-LIF technique a setup is required which can look like the illustration found on the right. One crucial point is to have  the angle theta for the camera. From the recorded image a post processing can extract a 3D reconstruction.

The post processing software used is written as a python package and you can install it from PYPI with

pip install fp23dpy


For usage instruction, source code and to report issues related to this python package go to gitlab

FP-LIF was presented by Adrian Roth at the ILASS conference in Paris 2019 and the presentation can be viewed below.