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Spray Diagnostics   &   Advanced Imaging

Two-Phase SLIPI


A technique to obtained instantaneous images while suppressing blurring effects from multiple light scattering. The approach records two modulated subimages only. It allows to study spray dynamics.

SLIPI - Structured Laser Illumination Planar Imaging


An imaging technique for that efficiently corrects for errors introduced by multiple light scattering. Instead of using a normal laser sheet, SLIPI uses an intensity modulated laser sheet configuration.



A technique that acquires a quantitative 3D representation of a scattering sample after scanning it. Effects due to light losses are corrected for and the measured quantity is the extinction coefficient.



A technique based on SLIPI that produces a quantitative 2D image of a scattering sample. The quantity that is measured is called the extinction coefficient.

Periodic Shadowing


A technical solution that removes stray light distortions - a known problem for spectroscopic measurements.

FRAME - Frequency Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Exposures


A technique that uses coded illumination in order to acquire several images simultaneously onto a single camera sensor. It allows instantaneous 3D imaging as well as ultra-fast imaging.

SI-Tomo: Structured Illumination Tomography


Tomography is most often used for medical applications but is also useful for studies of sprays. Here we combine transmission structured illumination and tomography for 3D imaging.