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Joakim Jönsson

Ph.D. Student


+46 46 222 1548

Joakim's Ph.D. project is based on Monte-Carlo simulation of photon transport through scattering media such as spray systems and biomedical tissues. His work includes: 1) The acceleration and optimization of a Monte Carlo code using general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GP-GPU). 2) The development of a web interface to easily set-up the simulation and display the results. 3) The validation of the results comparing simulated Monte Carlo output with experimental results.


 Ultimately the goal of Joakim's work is to develop and release an on-line, freely accessible software called "Multi-Scattering" which will be running on a server at Physics Department of Lund University. The software will run Monte Carlo simulation of light transport through turbid media for a variety of applications spanning from spray imaging to optical dosimetry in medical tissues.


Ilass-Europe 2019 presentation